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Moscow Museum of Modern Art (Zurab Gallery), Moscow

Artistic self-identification of the brightest representatives of Moscow art scene

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Moscow Museum of Modern Art
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Artistic self-identification of the brightest representatives of Moscow art scene

Moscow Museum of Modern Art and FineArt gallery open the «Self-portrait» collective exhibition. More than 50 bright heroes of the Moscow art scene, i.e. Ivan Chuikov, Vladimir Yankilevsky, Francisco Infante, Vladimir Dubosarsky, Dmitri Tsvetkov, etc, will present themselves in paintings and prints, photos, installations, sculptures and videos.

In the 20th century the key portrait art stepped back under pressure of new avant-garde priorities, but the interest to depiction of human beings was not lost. The development of photography and photo portrait, in particular, favored the fact. But at present the interest to the portrait made by an artist rather than by a photographer has appeared in the society. And it is more interesting to find how artists see themselves.

The «Self-portrait» exhibition arranges different strategies of self-representation. The most obvious one inherits a tradition of depicting the face, when an author seems to take a detached view of himself (Boris Orlov, Leonid Borisov, Ivan Chuikov, Semen Faibisovich). Another strategy is to use a metaphoric image that is necessary to identify the artist with (Dmitri Gutov, Konstantin Batynkov, Vyacheslav Koleichuk, Georgy Litichevsky). The third important strategy is a deliberate renunciation of self-depiction, offered as a self-portrait: it is a type of the portrait without a face, invented in the 20th century (art by René Magritte or Giorgio de Chirico), where a collective principle prevails over an individual one. Some authors (Sergei Shekhovtsov, Vladimir Yankilevsky, Francisco Infante) deliberately don’t single out self-portraits from other artworks, considering any artwork as a self-portrait.

The works participating in the project don’t just demonstrate wide expressive possibilities of actual art, but also assist in understanding dispositions of the artists with the help of the images of self-identification created by them.

For any questions journalists are encouraged to contact the PR Department:,, +7 495 694 6660

Opening: December 7, at 7 pm

Moscow Museum of Modern Art
9 Tverskoy boulevard Moscow

A Fragment of Infinity
dal 28/9/2015 al 24/10/2015

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