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Mob Remedies
dal 10/3/2010 al 24/4/2010
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Mob Remedies

Gallery Primo Alonso, London

George Barber, Lothar Gotz, Natasha Kidd, Piers Secunda

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Gallery Primo Alonso is proud to present Mob Remedies, an exhibition of four artists, whose different works utilise industry to generate paintings which can be physically expanded, without limits, in an organic fashion. The traditional constraints of the canvas would prevent these painting practices. The freedom of working without the canvas gives the artists the option for indefinite growth, sometimes in 3D, an option otherwise unavailable in painting.

In George Barber's award winning film Automotive Action Painting (2006) the artist throws buckets of paint into a road, through which traffic is forced to drive. The vehicles make the painting by carrying the colour down the road, designing the composition in the process. Automotive action painting was emulated in 2009 by BMW in a television commercial and was released in "LUX" a DVD of George Barber's complete works in March 2008. Barber was a pioneer of the "Scratch Video" phenomenon of the eighties and has showed his films in museums and galleries internationally.

Lothar Götz uses commercial painting practices to apply large minimal blocks of colour to the walls and ceilings of interiors, to highlight the unique architectural features of the spaces, many of which may otherwise remain unnoticed. In Mob Remedies his blocks of colour cover the walls of both rooms of the gallery, and provide a "stage" for the other works in the exhibition. Lothar is currently showing work in the exhibition "Murals" at the Miro Foundation in Barcelona, and last year designed a permanent installation for the Haymarket metro station in Newcastle.

Natasha Kidd's painting machine, a type of fluid paint race track, is also present in both of the gallery spaces simultaneously, with the help of copper piping. A powerful electric pump in one room forces paint through the pipes and into a holding tank in the other room. Here it is contained briefly before being re-circulated on a radiator like loop. Natasha Kidd has been constructing painting machines since the mid-nineties. Her work was exhibited as part of an opening event at Tate Modern in 2000, and recently in "In with the New" at Camden Arts Centre in January 2010.

Piers Secunda's paint wires twist and grow across the gallery wall like a climbing plant. These sinuous constructions are made of industrial floor paint, cast from moulds from steel reinforcing bar. Each strand is two meters long. The wires operate like painted lines in space, binding each other together to form a construction which would unravel to half a mile in length. Work from this series has been described in Art Monthly as "Too super to sustain itself"Piers Secunda has been developing systems of sculpting with paint since 1996. He has recently completed a residency in China and is currently showing work in the exhibition "Fakirs" at Island6 in Shanghai. He is represented in London by Zero10 Gallery.

Thanks to Andrew Lees at Watson-Marlow pumps group for the generous loan of the peristaltic pump.

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Image by George Barber

Private View Thursday 11th March 2010 6-9pm

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