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Stanze d'ascolto
dal 20/3/2003 al 21/3/2003
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isabella bordoni


Isabella Bordoni

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Stanze d'ascolto

Haus Der Berliner Festspiele, Berlin

Live performance - live broadcasting ( write, to walk, to listen, to follow a rhythm with words or music... any action subtends to a postulate : the existence looks for a place to stay.)

comunicato stampa

March 21st, 2003 h.22.00

Isabella Bordoni

live performance : Haus der Berliner Festspiele
live broadcasting : AM 6005 kHz DLF e 6190 kHz DeutschlandRadio
live streaming :

Isabella Bordoni / text, sound, visual, voice, design, direction _
Andres Bosshard / sound, sound architecture _
Marold Langer-Philippsen / voice _
Maurizio Martusciello - Metaxu / music, live electronics _
Filippo Paolini - Metaxu / music, live electronics _
Jaromil / freej video software _
Nevio Cavina / technical direction-
--- Guido Guidi photo ---
--- Renate Lampen german translation ---

------------> sound, sound architecture, poetry, digital art, space, in a setting-performance which expresses the live act as a crossroads of arts and techniques

time...memory...identity... perception...nature...temporal and spatial coordinates...
are keywords in my work... are circles of meaning and references.
circular is the time that from childhood takes to adult age...
circular is the space that offers a comprehensive overview...
time...memory...identity... perception...nature...temporal and spatial coordinates... are my limit, my material, my border.
together with them, thanks to them, i cross the conventional grammatical and syntactical code
and i try to explore the territories of silence ... conceiving it as a space of relation...
... in my entire work there is a glance that interprets "human being" and "world" as reciprocally sensitive maps :
micro- and macrocosm are engrafted one into the other, making the grid of glances thicker and thicker .
everything appears in its own nature as being "point" and "place" ... any creative act then means - to me - "to create a place".
to write, to walk, to listen, to follow a rhythm with words or music... any action subtends to a postulate : the existence looks for a place to stay.
that kind of "scene" is an enlarged body exploring a private and public concept of border and territory.
its geographical references move to the community of ideas where new atlas can be invented: art gives the opportunity to map the world according to different sensibilities, to form reciprocal communications across geographic and political, perceptual and temporal borders.

stanze d'ascolto holds the modern coexistence of languages where music, poetical writing, technological structure are "of" and "between" tradition and avant-garde.

in stanze d'ascolto, sound architecture, live electronics, dub poetry, in making the place of an acoustic and visual ambience, live in the track already marked by the interlacement of languages; the setting of stanze d'ascolto is a setting of crossings where the space is an acoustic and visual landscape in motion. poetry, the caesura is ineludible; in the moment of its pronunciation, the word ask for a rhythmical suspension... pause... silence.
then the breath runs elsewhere out of a specific sense... a murmur... it is necessary to die clearly once, to have the chance to see the second beauty hidden in us.
i call "listening" that chance ... i call "poetry" that beauty...

STANZE D'ASCOLTO is a DeutschlandRadio and Haus der Berliner Festspiele production with the contribution of Istituto Italiano di Cultura Berlino

Isabella Bordoni via Santa Aquilina 23 A 47900 Rimini RN Italia 0039 0541 756229

Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Berlin

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