Villa Romana
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dal 23/2/2015 al 23/2/2015
ore 18.30

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Villa Romana, Firenze

Le Petit Jeu - Una lettura di bozze. Evento

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SK: "It's very strange to see how our generation is figuring out not only why we're different, but also how to ask why our generation of twenty - (and thirty -) somethings is so fucked up. It's like we're in a movie co-written by Woody Allen and Kathy Acker, though we cannot quite reach that which is our stubborn reality." MDA: "For sure there is quite a lot of commiseration with what I meant, but for me it dwells more in the factual destitution of our everyday life, in which, besides family, we are pretty alone. I feel that for us the novel would mean a move toward responsibility with regard to our community. I mean, we could choose to leave this story to people's chit-chat-that would definitely turn it into mythology, if you just think about the Italian leaning toward drama-and be fine with the definitive version that would come out of that; or even worse, wait for a miserable researcher who would finally be preoccupied by this story-because there will always be a researcher who will come knocking when you have done something that is in a way pioneering in your local context. Or we could write the story ourselves." Le Petit Jeu is a artist novel by Gasconade coming out soon. Evento 24 febbraio alle 18.30. Ingresso libero.

Luciano Bartolini
dal 23/10/2015 al 3/12/2015

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