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Tragic Machine
dal 4/10/2011 al 4/10/2011
ore 19

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Pavilion Unicredit

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Tragic Machine

Pavilion Unicredit, Bucharest

Neurotic Mass Movement in dialogue with Andrei Craciun

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A talk focused on the political issues and critical thinking of the musical scene. Analyzing the representational strategies, the dialogue will explore topics, such as the nature and state of independent music, racism and sexism in the music business and the marketing of non-white and politically motivated artists. The London based band, Neurotic Mass Movement comprises of the songwriting partnership of Yin Neurotic and David Neurotic. Together they have developed an emotional and intuitive approach to music which has to be seen, heard and witnessed. Singer Yin Neurotic iconoclastic live performances and David Neurotics uncompromising musicianship underpins and cajoles the NMM sound. Asked recently in an interview what his guitar influences were, he said: "there are many influences, but Tristan Tzara, Le Tonneau de la Haine and Scooby Doo, spring to mind"... Andrei Craciun, cultural manager, he studies anthropology at Bucharest University. He curated hi recent projects "Destroying Public Harmony" at Brukhental Museum and since 2008 he is the coordinator of Pavilion Unicredit. Lives and works in Bucharest. On thursday, October 6, 22 Neurotic Mass Movement, live concert in Control Club.

Ruxandra Demetrescu
dal 29/10/2014 al 29/10/2014

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