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After Wolman
dal 14/10/2010 al 14/10/2010
9 pm

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Ines Martinez Ribas

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After Wolman

Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona MACBA, Barcelona

Poetic actions and performances.

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Poetic actions and performances. The sound-related activities organised alongside the exhibition ''Gil J Wolman. I am immortal and alive'' (until 9/1/2011) kicked off with an audition of Wolman's 'megapneumes' in the exhibition galleries and they continue with the Radio Web MACBA Program. The third activity in the series is an encounter between two French Lettrists from the generation after Wolman, Francois Poyet and Gerard-Philippe Broutin, who don't usually participate in public activities, and representatives from the local poetry and arts scene. Between different performances the lights will be turned off so that the audience can listen to spatializations of Lettrist poetry. There will also be the first concert in the LEM Autumn program. Curators: Frederic Acquaviva and Eduard Escoffet, in collaboration with Gracia Territori Sonor. MACBA Auditorium, free admission.

Zhou Tao
dal 24/11/2015 al 29/11/2015

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