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A discussion with Dora Garcia
dal 26/9/2011 al 26/9/2011
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A discussion with Dora Garcia

Galerie Michel Rein, Paris

A discussion with the artist, Sandra Alvarez de Toledo and Bertrand Ogilvie on the french psychologist Fernand Deligny

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As a continuation of Dora Garcia's 'Mad Marginal / Archives' project - an artist's book produced and published by Rosascape - Michel Rein gallery will be playing host to Rosascape for a discussion on French psychologist Fernand Deligny. With Dora Garcia, Sandra Alvarez de Toledo and Bertrand Ogilvie. Dora Garcia is currently presenting the performance project 'the Inadequate' in the Spanish Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. The project will stretch over the whole period of the Biennale, taking shape in the form of monologues, dialogues, talks, silences and drama performances. The performance stages and quotes a vast range of objects and documents and a key element in the project is a facsimile of a drawing by the 'reseau Deligny', 'Le Serret, juin 1976' (the original was graciously lent by Sandra Alvarez de Toledo for reproduction). For this encounter Dora Garcia will be proposing a conversation which will use this drawing as a way of introducing the themes of the body, the demystification of language, topography and the relationship to the land which feature in Fernand Deligny's work. This encounter will also be an opportunity to approach Deligny's relationship to the arts, and namely to film. Tuesday September 27th at 7pm.

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