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Tent Academy Awards '08
dal 16/7/2008 al 17/7/2008
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Jasper Niens

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Tent Academy Awards '08

Filmtheater Cinerama, Rotterdam

Screening and presentation

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The Tent Academy Awards is an annual competition between the best graduation videos, films, shorts and animations produced in all Dutch art academies. On 17 July, the nominated entries for 2008 will be shown in Filmtheater Cinerama. The nominations this year include the graduation films of Yael Assaf, Daphne Rosenthal, Erik Klaassen, Rick Altena, Kay Schuttel, Fieke Jagers, Edward Cook, Jeff Metz, Roy de Haan and Bianca Ansems.The exhibition will be open from 18 July to 24 August 2008 in Tent. This year, the nominated films will be exhibited in an installation by the artist Jasper Niens.

Tent Academy Awards '08
dal 16/7/2008 al 17/7/2008

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