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Kunstmuseum, St. Gallen

Contemporary painting between abstraction and Narration

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The museum continues with its tradition of thematic exhibitions which reflect changing perspectives on contemporary painting - and also celebrate its sensuality. Contemporary painting somewhere between abstraction and story telling; "Ambigu" means as much as indecisive or of no concrete opinion - However, in the meanwhile, 20th century paintings have represented clear artistic positions. Shaped by the fundamental opposition between figurative and abstract pictorial traditions, the latter was the hallmark of modernity - leading in the meantime to the often quoted end of painting. Post-modernism ended the notions of artistic avant-garde; opening doors with "anything goes" and manifold of picturesque possibilities. The revision of modernism found expression in the use of historical visual language, but also manifested itself in hybrid, ambiguous artistic attitudes. Participating artists: Raoul De Keyser, Pia Fries, Mary Heilmann, Shila Khatami, Rebecca Morris, Xavier Noiret-Thome', Giacomo Santiago Rogado, Alejandra Seeber, Monique van Genderen, Matthias Zinn. Curator Konrad Bitterli. Curator Konrad Bitterli. Opening: Friday, June 4, 6.30pm.

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dal 6/6/2014 al 25/10/2014

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