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Victor Burgin
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Victor Burgin

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Victor Burgin

Carre' d'Art Musee d'art contemporain, Nimes

Fogliazzi. Work from the Frac Bretagne collection. Part of the contemporary art festival Casanova Forever

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Work from the Frac Bretagne collection. Fogliazzi was produced in Rennes in 2007. The work is made up of a double "appropriation": first the pictures of Francesco Casanova in the museum at Rennes, then a text by Giacomo Casanova which Victor Burgin has re-written by taking the place of the narrator. The process for working out this piece overlaps with the history of Rennes, its architecture, its relation to art, with certain topical facts and personal experiences of the artist. Views of the double tower known as Les Horizons alternate with views of the picture Rupture d'un pont de bois (1775) by Francesco Casanova belonging to the Rennes Museum collections. The 2001 tragedy and the collapse of a bridge in the 18th century are thus connected by way of a subject which describes a moment of his life in the manner of an 18th century adventurer. Victor Burgin, who was unaware of the relationship between the two Casanovas, raises the issue of subjectivity based on the association between "events" which happen to him. The exhibition proposed as part of the contemporary art festival Casanova Forever.

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