Isola di San Servolo
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dal 30/5/2011 al 30/6/2011
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Isola di San Servolo, Venezia

Una struttura architettonica e uno spazio sociale che prende vita attraverso una serie di eventi ed incontri pubblici. Artisti internazionali, musicisti e poeti si esibiscono al fianco di ricercatori, politici, storici dell'arte e altre figure pubbliche al fine di creare una serie di situazioni scambio.

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The Danish Pavilion will extend its presence outside the Giardini and in the public urban fabric of Venice itself, through the work of the Danish artist FOS, who will realise Osloo – a floating Pavilion, a space for public exchange, which incorporates a bar, a radio station and a stage for events such as concerts, talks and lectures. Entrance to Osloo is free for the public and a daily programme is offered throughout the first month of the Biennale.

As a truly public space, Osloo is located outside the designated space of the Danish Pavilion in the Giar- dini, and is instead located within the urban fabric of the city of Venice, docked at the island of San Servolo. Osloo is an architectonic structure and a social space that comes to life through a range of events and audi- ence encounters. The programme on Osloo aims to break traditional borders between disciplines and ex- plores the possibility of exchanging information in a public space through an aesthetic framework.

International artists, musicians and poets will perform alongside researchers, politicians, art historians, and other public figures in order to create a set of alternative social situations and exchanges. Osloo is a remak- ing of the pavilion Oslo from 1999, which was the first work that put FOS’ artistic concept of 'Social Design' into physical form. Osloo is closely aligned to the tradition of relational aesthetics, but takes its starting point in the socio-political context of contemporary society.

On Osloo each night of events is programmed in relation to both the title of the evening and the overall theme of Osloo, which is ‘Language’. Throughout its duration more events will be added to the programme and every day Osloo provides the setting for improvised activities and informal social interaction. For four– and–a–half weeks this regular programme of free public events will function as an accessible space for the citi- zens of Venice and tourists as well as Biennale visitors. The bar Osloo is open every day from 2 pm to 10 pm.

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Osloo Event Programme
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San Servolo, Venice, next to the vaporetto stop
31 May – 1 July, 2011
Public Transport
Vaporetto line 20 departs from Riva degli Schiavoni, San Marco and San Zaccaria stops. The boat ride takes approximately 10 mins

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