Le Plateau
Place Hannah Arendt (Intersection of the Rue des Alouettes and the Rue Carducci)
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Alien Theory
dal 20/9/2011 al 19/11/2011
mer - ven 14-19, sab e dom 12-20

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Amaury Gransart

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Alien Theory

Le Plateau, Paris

Joao Maria Gusmao and Pedro Paiva: light on a certain number of unusual phenomena

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Since 2001 Joao Maria Gusmao (b. 1979) and Pedro Paiva (b. 1977) have been involved in a shared project where, through films, installations, sculptures and photographs, philosophical, and not to say metaphysical considerations give rise to as many works which, not unwittily, revist the arena of reality. Their works invite us to a set of encounters and experiments which, seemingly, tend to shed light on a certain number of unusual phenomena, are imposed by their perfect singularity and their deep-seated strangerness. Exhibition curated by Xavier Franceschi. Opening wednesday 21 september 6-9pm.

Haris Epaminonda
dal 22/9/2015 al 5/12/2015

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