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A triple tour, Collection Pinault
dal 21/10/2013 al 5/1/2014

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A triple tour, Collection Pinault

La Conciergerie, Paris

The first presentation in Paris of an important body of work from the Pinault Collection. This selection concentrates on the theme of "confinement", in order to create a strong link between contemporary artworks and the Conciergerie, which was formerly a prison. Curated by Caroline Bourgeois.

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Curated by Caroline Bourgeois

This exhibition is the first presentation in Paris of the important group of works from the Pinault Collection. Their choice is naturally, focused on the theme of confinement as it seemed desirable to establish a strong resonance between the contemporary works and the imposing frame of the Conciergerie whose history hides a bloody past: during the revolution it served as a prison for those condemned to the guillotine.

The majority of selected works have never been presented to the public as part of an exhibition. All these works, in their different formats and their supports (video installations, paintings, sculptures, photographs) explore forms of imprisonment, criminal confinement, political imprisonment, psychological and mental confinement or emotional confinement. They address both seriousness and humour and demonstrate, once again, artist’s ability to respond and take sides.

They belong to a side of contemporary art to which the passionate collector François Pinault is particularly attentive. The exhibition is presented and produced by the Centre des Monuments Nationaux, at the initiative of its president, Philippe Bélaval.

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A triple tour, Collection Pinault
dal 21/10/2013 al 5/1/2014

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