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Rene' Burri
dal 5/11/2013 al 22/11/2013
tue - sat 2-6pm

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Rene' Burri

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Rene' Burri

Galerie Esther Woerdehoff, Paris

Impossibles Reminiscences. On view his color photographs published in 1959 by the Swiss magazine Du

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No need to introduce Rene' Burri, the legendary Swiss photographer born in Zurich - his portraits of Che Guevara, Le Corbusier or Picasso are true icons. However, there is still a lot to discover: Burri, who has been a member of the Magnum agency since 1959 and famous for his black-and-white photographs, always carried along at least two cameras. While shooting in black and white, he would always take color pictures. Some of his color photographs were published in 1959 by the Swiss magazine Du at a time when black and white was standard in the press, mostly for practical and financial reasons (color will start to appear progressively in newspapers and magazines during the 60's). Rediscovered today, theses photographs reveal a hidden side to Rene' Burri's work, created over 50 years. These images, mostly unknown, where recently published by Phaidon and will be exhibited for the first time in France at the gallery Esther Woerdehoff. Opening reception and book signing: Wednesday, November 6, from 6pm to 9pm the artist will be present. (Image: Das Island, United Arab Emirates, 1976)

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