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Three exhibitions
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Three exhibitions

Heidelberger Kunstverein, Heidelberg

The exhibition 'It is only a state of mind' focuses the experiment as a mode of exploring the inexplicable and the uncertain featuring works by Joao Maria Gusmao & Pedro Paiva, Matt Mullican, Lea Porsager and others. In the Studio, the exhibition 'With Your Hands Black' by Ulrike Mohr and, in the Foyer, 'Ofen uber uns' by Andreas Fischer.

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What constitutes reality? The exhibition IT IS ONLY A STATE OF MIND focuses the experiment as a mode of exploring the inexplicable and the uncertain. Heidelberger Kunstverein and RealismusStudio in Berlin have joined forces to present twelve international artistic positions which investigate the thresholds of science through experiments of their own.

At the heart of the exhibition is the question of how much our “state of mind”, and the patterns of perception and perspectives that arise from it, shape our assessment of what is real. The exhibiting artists direct our focus to the subjective and subconscious.

American artist Matt Mullican, for example, has been conducting self-experiments under hypnosis since the 1970s. The installation Room (No.7) presents statements by Mullican's other ego, “that other person”, written onto long stretches of fabric. These are investigations into his own and yet unknown self with which Matt Mullican seeks to understand the world.

For her latest project How to Program and Use T – F (2013), Danish documenta artist Lea Porsager took part in a séance with a Lithuanian medium. She then translated the thoughtforms that revealed themselves to her into bronze sculptures.

Northern Irish artist Susan MacWilliam is also interested in exploring the paranormal. Her videos, photographs and installations deal with researchers and eyewitnesses of supernatural phenomena.

Realised as experiments and propositions, the works in the exhibition ask questions about what makes us believe and what we are prepared to believe. They steer our attention towards mystical, spiritistic objects of investigation, or challenge areas of psychological research. The artistic experiment can operate far more freely than its strictly scientific counterpart; it is not obliged to follow a fixed form, deliver measurable results or be repeatable. This open approach holds the potential for moving away from prescribed pathsand entering uncharted periphery realities and poetic realities – to create new truths.

The exhibition “With Your Hands Black” by Ulrike Mohr will open at the same time in the Studio. In the Heidelberge Kunstverein’s Foyer the exhibition “Ofen über uns” by Andreas Fischer will be on view.

Annie Goh, João Maria Gusmão & Pedro Paiva, Michal Heiman, Joachim Koester, Ofri Lapid, Susan MacWilliam, Matt Mullican, Lea Porsager, Patrick Rieve, Sarah Schönfeld, Rosemarie Trockel, Ute Waldhausen

Ulrike Mohr: With Your Hands Black

Andreas Fischer: Ofen über uns

Image: Lea Porsager, "T - F (type 3)", 2013, from the series "How to Program and Use T - F"

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