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Villa Renata, Basel

Obsessively about contents, just like it is for the artists they represent. The passion, the rave of both the Fabian & Claude Walter Gallery and the Gallery Roemerapotheke.

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Exhibition, curated by the Fabian & Claude Walter Gallery, Zurich and the Gallery Roemerapotheke, Zurich

Art? One big rave, a garganteous craze. But while the art market is in it for the investments, for the two galleries Fabian & Claude Walter and gallery Roemerapotheke it has been and is all about contents. Obsessively about contents, just like it is for the artists they represent.
Following the first edition oft he Villa Renata project in 2013, the two galleries will curate a show with contemporary posotitions in the spacious rooms of this fine mansion in the center of Basel, on Socinstrasse 16.
"Obsessive" stands for the passion, the rave and the consequent way of both the galleries and the artists, with which they move. Neither trends nor hypes, nor market directions or any other mainstream characteristics influence the way they move on. Their focus lies purely on undiscovered, obsessive art, with a special emphasis on quality. For that, the old Basel house with its seven classy rooms and the little park is the perfect location.
It is the perfect alternative to the stressy art fair buzz, the place to go for an hour of art contemplation, the refuge in a whirling and busy Basel week, where you can find the unusual and the unexpected, while sipping on a glass of wine.

Works by: Samira Abbassy (IR), Georg Baselitz (D), Pascal Danz (CH), Sean Dawson (GB), Andy Denzler (CH), Marcel Gähler (CH), Gabriella Gerosa (CH), Eva Grün (A), Jana Gunstheimer (D), Florian Heinke (D), Arnold Helbling (CH), Hideki Iinuma (J), Alexandre Joly (CH), Patrick Lo Giudice (CH),Catherine Lorent (LX), Volker März (D), Thomas Ritz (CH), Markus Raetz (CH), Myrtha Steiner (CH), Caro Suerkemper (D), Hugo Suter (CH), Günther Uecker (D), Anna B. Wiesendanger (CH), Uwe Wittwer (CH)

More informations
+41 44 440 40 18 Fabian & Claude Walter Galerie
+41 79 589 82 70 Römeraphotheke

Grand Opening: Sunday, June 15, 5—8 pm

Villa Renata
Socinstrasse 16, 4051 Basel
Exhibition opening hours: 1—8 pm
And by apointment

dal 15/6/2014 al 20/6/2014

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