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Two Exhibitions
dal 30/3/2015 al 1/5/2015

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Two Exhibitions

Galerie Esther Woerdehoff, Paris

Gail Albert Halaban invites hersel in the intimacy of the inhabitants of New York or Paris. Gail Albert Halaban creates a personal work in the form of series that question the landscape and society.

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Two women photographers show their new work at the Galerie Esther Woerdehoff!

Gail Albert Halaban, Out my Window (in New York) and Vis-à-Vis (in Paris) Elene Usdin, Femmes d’intérieur

Far from being a paparazza, the American artist Gail Albert Halaban invites herself in the intimacy of the inhabitants of New York or Paris - an elegant way to draw the portraits of theses two major cities and those who live there. The approach of the artist is to get in contact with the individuals she photographs through the phone book. Most of the time, they accept and allow Gail Albert Halaban to create links between those neighbors we usually only observe out the window or simply meet in the lobby.
Staged, these pictures evolve from landscapes into genre scenes and into portraits. Small theaters where the light is on and where individuals paused in the banality of their everyday life: the kids are taking their bath, we prepare our meals, watch television, or just dream at the window - all stories the photographer lets us imagine the end.

The series Femmes d’intérieur by Elene Usdin only includes unicas, painted by hand on the photography. The artist, who is an illustrator and a visual artist as well as a photographer, reinterprets famous paintings from the history of classical or modern art (by Raphael, Ingres, Schiele, Balthus etc), all portraits of women painted by men. These figures of the past, princesses or muses, now pose as cut-out silhouettes within a domestic environment, modern and mundane. They seem to merge with the furniture, in a feminist discourse by an artist who is constantly thinking about the representation of women through her work

Gail Albert Halaban
Born in 1970, in Washington, American artist Gail Albert Halaban studied photography at the Rhode Island School of Design and at the University of Yale. Working as a commercial photographer, she also creates a personal work in the form of series that question the landscape and society. Long fascinated by the work of painter Edward Hopper, she returns to the scene painted by the artist in her series Hopper Redux. For her Out My Window series, made ​​in New York and followed by Vis-à-Vis in Paris, she photographed apartment buildings, which light up as small theaters, where individuals appear in the banality of their everyday life. The impression of voyeurism we get looking at these spectacular cityscapes disappears when we know how the artist proceed: “I photograph from one residence into the window of another with the consent of both parties using a normal focal length lens. The process of making the photographs connects neighbor to neighbor.” The photographer thus creates a new vision of New York, showing the reality of neighbors on the scale of buildings, both distant and close. Series are regularly exhibited and published. Her last book, Vis-à-Vis, has just been published in French by the Editions La Martinière.

Elene Usdin
Born in 1971, Elene Usdin graduated from the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs of Paris in 1996. Working first as an illustrator and a set decorator for cinema, she regularly publishes her illustrations in newspapers and magazines. Visual artist, illustrator and photographer, she develops since 2002 an artistic body of work with precision and lightness and a great delicacy. Women are the favorite subject of her series, with an approach that plays with genre and stereotypes. Elene Usdin does not hesitate to put herself on stage, in self-portraits between derision, tribute to the great female figures of the history or inspiration found in fairy tales. Rewarded in 2006 by the Picto Prize for Young Fashion Photography and in 2008 by the International Photo Awards, her first monograph, Stories, was published in 2013 by editions Contrejour. In 2014, the Museum of New Art in Detroit showed a large retrospective exhibition of her work: Awake While I Am Dreaming.

Image: Elene Usdin, Garance d’après Raphaël, Femmes d’intérieur series, Archival pigment print with acrylic paint, 47 x 70 cm, unica, © Elene Usdin, Courtesy Galerie Esther Woerdehoff

Opening: Tuesday, March 31st, 2015, from 6pm to 9pm, the artists will be present

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