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Josef Koudelka
dal 9/9/2015 al 28/11/2015
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Josef Koudelka

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Josef Koudelka

Fundacion Mapfre (new venue), Madrid

Uncertain Nationality. A retrospective with more than 150 photos and documentary material

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The most complete retrospective exhibit up to this day dedicated to the Czech photographer of French nationality Josef Koudelka (b. 1934), member for the past forty years of Magnum Photos agency. The extensive selection with more than 150 works reflects his first experimental projects produced at the end of the fifties and during the sixties, as well as his historic series "Gypsies, Invasion and Exiles" and reaching the great panoramic landscapes produced in the last years. In addition the exhibition includes important documentary material, the majority unpublished -layouts, pamphlets, magazines of the period, among others- that allows us to delve into the work as well as the creative process of this author. The title of the exhibition is Uncertain Nationality, which describes the sense of not belonging to a place, a sense of disorientation so present in his work since his exile from Czechoslovakia after the invasion of Prague, and his permanent interest in territories in conflict. Press conference: September 10, noon.

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