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Moving Pictures
dal 19/11/2004 al 12/12/2004
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Moving Pictures

Artcore/Fabrice Marcolini, Toronto

Artcore Gallery presents a thought-provoking installation of the internationally renowned video artists Jubal Brown (Canada), Pascal Paquette (Toronto), Istvan Kantor (Hungary), Francis Alys (Belgium), Stefano Cagol (Italy), William Kentridge (South Africa), Angel Marcos (Spain), Sven Pahlsson (Norway), Miguel Angel Rios (Argentina).

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Artcore Gallery presents a thought-provoking installation of the internationally renowned video artists Jubal Brown (Canada), Pascal Paquette (Toronto), Istvan Kantor (Hungary), Francis Alÿs (Belgium), Stefano Cagol (Italy), William Kentridge (South Africa), Ángel Marcos (Spain), Sven Påhlsson (Norway), Miguel Angel Rios (Argentina).

- Francis Alÿs, ''Multiplicacion de los Borregos''
A complusive wanderer, Belgian-born, international artist Francis Alÿs gives us another personal exploration into the quirks of everyday life. Set in Mexican piazza, in a country which is very dear to him and has been home for last 20 years, Multiplicacion de los Borregos is a playful and suggestive comment on urban and rural rituals.
- Jubal Brown, ''In Bloom''
Toronto artist Jubal Brown presents a new limited edition project, Edition of 10 and each with a handmade velvet case. The lush organic images become beautiful abstractions of colour and shape while the romantic swell of electronic tone matches the haze and blush of colour and texture. Beautiful, yet complicated, these pictures slowly reveal themselves to be more morose than they initially appear.
- Stefano Cagol, ''Tokyospace''
Tokyospace by Stefano Cagol stages mutual exchange between individual and shared space within a global dimension par excellence: the megalopolis of Tokyo. At a conceptual level the whole project brings back to the principle of Leibnitz' monads, i.e. a closed organism representing a point of view on the universe and which, in virtue of this point of view, inevitably bounces again onto the outside. The monad, or better the artist's creative space, stands for intimacy, subjective dimension, but it becomes also permeable, constant reflex of a surrounding space. (Excerpt from essay by Letizia Ragaglia, Chief Curator, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Bolzano, Italy)
- Istvan Kantor, ''[Kantor]''
[Kantor] was all about freeing creative expression in art making and shunning anything that codified or canonized artistic production. Protesting the stifling effects of museum culture, Kantor sprayed 6 vials of his blood in an X pattern on the wall of the Museum of Modern Art. This gift, freely bequeathed to the museum, was utterly rejected. Kantor was arrested and the wall was wiped clean. Unfortunately, some specks of blood strayed onto a canvas by Picasso. (Linda Feesey)
- William Kentridge, ''Johannesburg'', ''Monument'', ''Mine'', ''Sobriety, Obesity and Growing Old'', ''Felix Listens to the World'', ''Felix in Exile'', ''History of the Complaint''
In these videos, South African artist, William Kentridge's incredible drawings portray strong characters and a visual landscape, which together, reveal very personal emotional and social statements. Politically fused storylines are carried out by Kentridge's main protagonist, Soho Eckstein, whose empire eventually comes crumbling down, resembling much of what we have seen repeat itself numerous times throughout history.
- Ángel Marcos, ''Hints 22''
In his video Hints 22, Spanish artist Ángel Marcos proposes the story of someone who carries his own wishing well around with him:
...he learned that what is important is not for wishes to come true; for him the important thing was to make them. From then on, he replaced achievements with wishes, he always carried his fishes and his stream with him, he thought of his fish and created the well in which he made his wishes; not for them to come true, but simply to be dreamed... (Extract from the book Rastro 22 by Ángel Marcos)
- Sven PÃ¥hlsson, ''Sprawlville'', ''Consuming Pleasures'', ''Crash Course''
PÃ¥hlsson's obsessive curiosity in North American life and its somewhat disturbing evolution, comes across loud and strong in his very dynamic 3-D renderings of his interpretations of Middle America. At a moment when we are questioning our overly commercial, consumer-driven and at times very restricted and artificial existence, PÃ¥hlsson, a Norwegian, paints a powerfully grim view from the outside looking in.
- Miguel Angel Rios, ''Return''
In Return, tops begin to move like sleeping giants waking up after a long sleep. Also perceived as a metaphor on rebirth, the video's beautiful soundtrack takes us through this journey and struggle of accomplishment. A very provocative piece by the Argentinean artist, Miguel Angel Rios
- Sophie Castonguay, ''Da Bomb''
Ce tableau qui fait suite à L'attente est le deuxième d'un project qui s'intitule '' Je '' objet d'étude morphologique. Ici, le tableau devient le lieu d'étude d'une relation particulière. C'est la structure et la forme de la relation qui détermine la structure et la forme du tableau. C'est en cherchant à répondre à la question : '' Qu'est-ce qui me défini ? '' que j'en suis venu à l'élaboration de ce projet. Dans La montagne, quelle est la place que j'occupe par rapport à lautre ? Ce projet sera l'objet d'une résidence de six mois à Bâle, en Suisse. J'aurai l'occasion d'observer la place que j'occupe dans une nouvelle culture. S'en suivront quelques tableaux. (Artist Statement)
- Pascal Paquette, ''Tagging Don Mount Series''
At the corner of Dundas and Carroll streets in Toronto's southwest Riverdale neighbourhood is the Don Mount Court public housing complex. This ghetto, and others like it, are incubators of urban culture. It is being demolished and replaced with streets that conform to the city street grid, overlaid with a mix of private and public townhouses. The City of Toronto plans to integrate the current habitants of the Don Mount Court into this more conventional neighbourhood.
Residents of the Don Mount and homeowners in the surrounding community have discussed some of their concerns at community meetings. Others have gone even further to air their opinions by tagging and inscribing messages on the walls of the now vacant buildings.
My intent is to document signs of the undoing of the Don Mount Court and bring forward these messages. (Pascal Paquette, 2004)

Since its incorporation in 1997, Artcore has been committed to presenting the best of innovative contemporary Canadian and International art. Artcore's program includes regular exhibitions in its new 800 square metre premises in Toronto's historic Distillery District, participation in international art fairs, and the organization of traveling exhibitions. Through these activities, it is the gallery's mandate to raise and expand the level of awareness of contemporary art internationally.

IMAGE: Stefano Cagol, TOKYOSPACE 9, Video DVD, Tokyo 2004.

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