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Opposite Attract
dal 16/12/2004 al 17/1/2005
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Gaya Fusion of Senses


Made Wianta
Filippo Sciascia

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Opposite Attract

Gaya Fusion Art Space, Bali

By Made Wianta & Filippo Sciascia. The exhibition is a literal '4 Hands' show. The artists collaborated on a series of works that brings together two very opposite painting styles, Abstract & Figurative, They finally are attract and fuse on the canvas, but remain distinguishable.

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A collaboration show by Made Wianta & Filippo Sciascia

Gaya Gallery, the leading contemporary art space in Bali, presents "Opposite Attract ", an exhibition which brings together two artists, Filippo Sciascia (Italy) and Made Wianta (Indonesia). The opening will be held at Gaya Fusion of Senses, on December 17th, 2004 at 7 pm.

Referring to the History of Art, especially in the 90's with Pop Art, collaboration between artists "Four Hands" artworks became common and artists were willing to work together, exchanging ideas, fusing their techniques and concept.

As Jean-Michel Basquiat who developed a close relationship with Andy Warhol. During this friendship the two artists collaborated on a series that was exhibited in 1985 that featured corporate logos and cartoon characters. He also collaborated with the Italian artist Francesco Clemente on several other paintings.

"OPPOSITE - ATTRACT", brings us to a literal "4 Hands" Exhibition. Wianta and Sciascia collaborated on a series of works that brings together two very opposite painting styles, ABSTRACT & FIGURATIVE.

Opposite - attract shows a combination of two opposite art styles which finally attract and fuse on the canvas, but remain distinguishable.

As Basquiat and Warhol, Sciascia and Wianta have developed for the past 3 years a close friendship, respecting and admiring each other artworks, spending time exchanging ideas, comments and critics. That's how simply and naturally the idea of an entire (total or absolute) collaboration came up and took place through this all series of paintings.

Lines and figures are crossing, meeting and dialoging in time and space. Their paths are crossing in Europe and Asia, East and West. Two artists from different cultures meet and find that they have something to say to each other. Within the relation between their own and foreign culture they chat with each other in the world language of universal art.

When Figures and Lines become ONE, complete and define each other. Two opposite concepts, two opposite perspectives, two opposite styles.cross, meet and dialogue to finally attract and become unity.


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