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Two exhibitions
dal 3/10/2005 al 30/12/2005
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Two exhibitions

Jeu de Paume, Paris

Michal Rovner: Fields. Croiser des mondes, aspects du document contemporain: group show

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Michal Rovner

The Israeli photographer and video artist Michal Rovner designs images and installations that operate on the real or symbolic frontiers between reality and fiction, but also between the still and the moving image, or between photography, calligraphy and painting.

"I show situations of conflict, of tension, fracture and vulnerability. (...) My starting point is always reality. I record it and then, little by little, I draw the image out from reality. The image becomes more blurred, loses definition, comes to relate to something else." Michal Rovner


Croiser des mondes, aspects du document contemporain

OEuvres de Emmanuelle Antille, Guillaume Herbaut, Geert Goiris, Stanley Greene, Janaina Tschape

“At any given moment, in any lived experience and in any representation, different worlds come together. We might try to put a name on some of them: the present instant and reminiscence, concrete sensation and one's awareness of transforming it; the singularity of an experience and the sensation of belonging to a more general order, etc. What we are dealing with are always composites, mixed entities, and yet we are constantly trying to isolate details, moments and figures, to untangle the threads of this “creative storytelling."
We might, for example, be tempted to ask: what is the territory of origin, and what territory is being worked? What mission has been assigned (to testify, archive, keep a trace, tell a story, etc.)? And to what end? What approach, what style has been brought into play? These are all important questions.
But we could also say that when we make an image of the real world, we are reconstructing a certain state of affairs; we are isolating and framing. We are producing a kind of partial and discontinuous simulacrum, whose elements will then be arranged in a given manner (by editing/montage, by sequencing) so that they can be presented to others.
In accomplishing this, we effect a complex movement (...) Different worlds intertwine here: the real world, which the images are supposed to evoke; the world of artistic forms, which no image can avoid; and, finally, subjective narrative and discourse, from both the person who made the images and the person looking at them.
Such is the complex space of the contemporary document, which some have seen as a place of renewal for photography."

From a text by Re'gis Durand
featuring in the book accompanying this exhibition

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Pierre Verger
"Oeuvre photographique, 1933 - anne'es 1950"
until 24 december 2005

Omer Fast
dal 19/10/2015 al 23/1/2016

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