1.60insurgent space
Rr. Besim Imami, Pall.56, ap.9
Images for Masses
dal 27/2/2006 al 1/3/2006

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Images for Masses

1.60insurgent space, Tirana

The three artists, UNZ, GGT and 2501, are connected through a common experience of heightened intensity, and this connection itself, is an important point for determining the common values of the three works.

comunicato stampa

UNZ, GGT and 2501

Curated by Stefano Romano

28 February GGT Rruga Myslym Shyri
1 Mars 2501 International Library ‘Albania’
2 Mars UNZ

1.60insurgent space is the name of a space that move itself continuously inside the cities, producing exhibitions whose intent is to put to comparison international artists with various places, different from the "institutional ones", in order to create new arguments around the art and its borders. The exhibitions are curated every month by Stefano Romano and a different curator each time.

Curator: Tatiana

The world is composed of a series of probability waves, which, when determined and fixed in values, return to the reality that we perceive. Determining these probabilities, or in other words participating in the act of their observation; blocking them into something definite, means collapsing them. Uprooting them from their continuous mode made of infinite probabilities. The works that make up the three exhibitions represent this act. Despite the works’ lack of judgment or comprehension, the collapse of the observed situations, and their return to the reality of those who observe based on physically determined values and in an objective manner. At this point, the work can be that of an analysis of the forms in which this act is carried out, in the origin of the experience of who analyses.

The three artists, UNZ, GGT and 2501, are connected through a common experience of heightened intensity, and this connection itself, is an important point for determining the common values of the three works. We can observe how three different individuals, but who come from a similar center of experience, choose an object and a method of analysis.

In the first case, the exhibition of the drawings of GGT, we have an analysis that is built through the rejection of media information, and expressed through sketches of important characters that have the function of representative vehicles of situations of our everyday media input, or characters and icon-objects representing ideological factions and of situation management. Among the sketches we find heads of states, terrorists, spies, logos and objects that, when fixed in a unique panorama, precisely determine the symbols of a communication system, and the experience of its assimilation.

In the second case, the video work of 2501, we find the need for a physical contact with the situation at hand in the observation. This way, the story is built through human experiences in a documentary style quite bound to its contact with the reality that it describes.
Completely opposed to analysis through the assimilation of common information, this work presents a group of situations that are usually hidden from the visibility of the masses, in their sense of origin, and also in the way and time of exhibition of the observed situations. Other then the fascination of observing situations concealed to our conscience, which is constructed through the mass information, it is interesting to observe the reaction in front of scenes which are in fact part of our information library in a standard version, but disconnected from the direct experience and built on a global media analysis.

The third and last case, the live exhibition of UNZ, we find an interpretation of the reality through musical abstractionism. Despite the lack of objective elements that can represent definite situations, the emotional suggestions that this work contains, inter relate well to the various emotional states that compose the unconscious of the modern individual, who lives in the reality that is described in the other two works. In this case the language built with abstract forms describes a scenery that is contained inside, not outside, but which can have the function of unconscious reflection of the other two exhibitions.

Hence, we have the possibility to observe, from three different points of view, the reaction towards one given situation of a group of individuals that consciously decide to share a good part of their experiences, till becoming a small collective consciousness. The three artists play, inside this ‘non-collective’ an uncoordinated and unplanned act, but which has the value of the connection between their common experience, and also, an infinite series of visible contact points.

With the support of the European Cultural Foundation and the Institute of Tirana Biennale.

1.60insurgent space
Rr. Besim Imami, Pall.56, ap.9 - Tirana

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dal 15/9/2006 al 15/9/2006

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