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Loge critique
dal 26/1/2007 al 10/3/2007
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Loge critique

Fri Art - Kunsthalle Fribourg, Fribourg

The sensitive age

comunicato stampa

The sensitive age

Loge critique/ The sensitive age is an exhibition generated by a documentary photographic survey program established in 1996 by the cultural department of Canton Fribourg. Nicolas Savary, the laureate of the 2006 competition, proposed a project based on photographs of adolescents in a school setting. The photographer chose a specific focus for his subject: school architecture. His project bears witness not only to the current social, historic and geographic situation; above all he provides an analytic description of the frigid, bare, sometimes downright prison-like environment in which these young people spend their everyday existence. The project becomes the critique of an age, caught between the age when anything is possible and a Oworld in which dreams reach their end.O (1). Nicolas Savary in turn invited artists Christian Bovey, Happypets, Genet Mayor, Daniel Ruggiero, to playfully intervene in the exhibition spaces, giving visitors the opportunity to explore installations that are creative, open and interactive. Daniel Ruggiero presents Table ping pong game (2002/2007) with a wall painting, a virtual blackboard.

The work Bijou pour colonne/Jewels for a column (2006) is an on-site intervention surrounding one of the interior pillars on the Fri-Art premises. Sans titre/ Untitled (2006) by Genet Mayor is a monumental sculpture/painting that unfolds over six meters, appearing and disappearing in space. Christian Bovey projects new animations which result from a reflection on the interaction between adolescents and their school environment. The interactive intervention created by the collective Happypets presents an inventory of student graffiti generating screen-printed patterns to which the viewers may contribute comments and reactions using felt markers. The research project linked to SavaryOs LO‰ge critique exhibition introduces a certain ambivalence with the aim of launching a critical debate on adolescence and its direct environment. However, we must ask ourselves whether it is still possible to talk about the young and their education without immediately becoming embroiled in an ideological conflict between moralists and libertarians? What gives us the right to judge between the good and the bad in this area? On what objective scientific findings should such judgments be based?

Image: Nicolas Savary, Joelle Broc, 2006

Opening, January the 27th at 5pm

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