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Thomas Struth
dal 5/2/2007 al 24/3/2007

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Thomas Struth

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Thomas Struth

Prado Museum, Madrid

Making Time

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Making Time

In 2005 the German artist Thomas Struth (born Geldern, 1954) worked in the Museo del Prado on his celebrated series devoted to museums which he began almost two decades ago and which focuses on the works on display and on museum visitors. Two years further on, the Prado is now presenting for the first time the result of his experience in the Museum, alongside a special selection of works from his unique “tour” of institutions such as the Tokyo National Museum, the Louvre, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Alte Pinakothek in Munich.

Distributed around the Museum’s galleries, Struth’s twelve photographs set up a contemporary reflection on the different ways of presenting art, and the individual or collective experience of the viewer within the conceptual context of the museum. In parallel, the project is completed by a special installation of three of his most recent works in the Prado, the Hermitage and the Accademia in Florence.

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