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Gluklya & Tsaplya (FNO)
dal 15/5/2007 al 19/5/2007
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Gluklya & Tsaplya

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Gluklya & Tsaplya (FNO)

Central House of Artists, Moscow

Igor's Mania. Special project.

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The artists discovered and bought the personal archive of a man called Igor Vikhorev - an amateur/outsider photographer most active in the early sixties. This archive is the starting point for their work Igor's Mania. Vikhorev's archive is by turns surreal, fetishistic, and unsettling. It consists of a family album and black & white photomontages. The latter combines backdrops including the circus, the Zoo and ornate palaces, with ladies from forbidden western magazines variously straddling roaring tigers, grown men, bikini clad bathers, and coolies. Supported by White Space Gallery, London.

Art Moscow
dal 18/9/2012 al 22/9/2012

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