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Two exhibitions
dal 21/2/2008 al 17/5/2008

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La Maison Rouge

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Two exhibitions

La Maison Rouge, Paris

Gregor Schneider - Pilar Albarracin

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Gregor Schneider, süßer duft

From the age of 16, Gregor Schneider (born in Rheydt in 1969) has been transforming the interior of the home he inherited from his father in the small town of Rheydt, Germany. A work in progress until 2007, he has constantly added new rooms, separated others, removed mod-cons, and blocked up windows, adding fake ones in their place. The result is a labyrinthine structure which he has entitled Haus ur (House ur). Occasionally, visitors are invited to spend the night there and share his personal space. In the 1990s he began to identically replicate parts of the house in museums and galleries.

He moved Haus ur to the German pavilion at the 2001 Venice Biennale, constructing a maze of dark and disconcerting rooms, each of which opens onto stairs, strange passageways and cul-de-sacs which visitors must wander, alone, before emerging from the house to freedom. This work, Totes Haus ur (Dead House ur), was awarded the Golden Lion.

With Die Familie Schneider (The Schneider Family, London, 2004), Gregor Schneider began to detach himself from Haus ur to create other, more complex spaces that were derived from his first work.


Pilar Albarracin, mortal cadencia

Her Andalusian cultural heritage and status as a woman in Spanish society are central to the work of Pilar Albarracín (born in Seville in 1968, lives and works in Madrid). Each of the ways womanhood is traditionally represented is subjected to her amused and scathing gaze, as in Prohibido el Cante (No Singing, 2000) for which she is photographed in a bar, surrounded by archetypal Andalusian objects (photos of bullfights, legs of ham, a majestic bull's head), wearing a flamenco dancer's dress, gagged and tied to a chair.

Pilar Albarracín works with photography, sculpture, drawing and installation although performance remains her preferred medium. She plays the part of gypsy, peasant girl, prostitute, emigrant or housewife, producing a work which can, as Rosa Martínez writes, be interpreted as "a metaphor for insubordination."

with the support of SEACEX (the Spanish State Corporation for Overseas Cultural Action)

To coincide with the exhibition, a catalogue in French and Spanish is published by Les Éditions Fage with the support of SEACEX. 96 colour pages with texts by Cécile Bourne, Georges Didi-Huberman, Xavier Arakistain and Lourdes Mendez.

Image: Pilar Albarracin

La Maison Rouge
10 Bd de la Bastille (Fondation Antoine de Galbert) - Paris

After Eden / Baptiste Debombourg
dal 16/10/2015 al 16/1/2016

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