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Representations of the artist as an intellectual
dal 24/5/2008 al 13/6/2008

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Representations of the artist as an intellectual

D21 Kunstraum, Leipzig

Group show

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Group show feat. Oystein Aasan, Dorothee Albrecht, Can Altay, Kader Attia, Monica Ross & Gabriela Vainsencher. Edward W. Said held a series of lectures for the BBC radio in 1992 entitled 'Representations of the intellectual' in which he clearly stated the role of the intellectual in todays society - as a sort of outsider with a burning passion to what she is intereted in. D21 have invited four artistis to interpret this series of lectures and come up with their answers to them.

Pierfabrizio Paradiso
dal 22/1/2014 al 1/2/2014

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