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Bosse Sudenburg
dal 8/1/2009 al 13/2/2009

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Bosse Sudenburg

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Bosse Sudenburg

Galerie Metro, Berlin

The Anniversary Show

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The Anniversary Show. In Sudenburgs objects and installations meanings, purposes and relations of issues like work, money and dealing with history are reduced to their basic structure in order to reveal their character of representation. As isolated signs these works provoke several associations and their interpretation as well as the reconstruction of a relation between them. This way they create awareness for the difference between a disparate reality and the integrative power of a linear narrative. In this context the title of the exhibition refers to the big narrative of history in general and to several jubilees of German history in 2009 in particular.

Anke Kalk
dal 19/2/2009 al 27/3/2009

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