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A step to the right
dal 7/9/2009 al 29/10/2009

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A step to the right

Open Space - Zentrum fur Kunstprojekte, Wien

The aim of the project is to address different strategies for questioning 'space of interruption' that shapes and governs the power relations at the boundaries of conditions of actuality where the power to live comes into play.

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curated by Gulsen Bal

Songül Boyraz
Petja Dimitrova
Alban Muja

“The world does not exist outside its expressions.”

The aim of the project A step to the right is to address different artistic strategies for questioning ‘space of interruption’ that shapes, orients and governs the power relations at the boundaries of “conditions of actuality” where ‘the power to live’ comes into play.

There one can and must give an argument that necessitates of facing with the production of new entities that revivify the “politics of becoming” in an encounter with looking into cases of living and working conditions of immigration as well as migration processes through which bio-power is performed, revealing racial hierarchies and capitalist imperatives in an account of precarious geopolitical realities within changing political geography in the course of producing futures to reflect the days we live in.

This is where one must come to existential terms with the emergency of what arrives out of the relationship between resistance and creation while seeking strategic dynamics “to transform the situation, to participate actively in the process.” This is also where the political engagement is cited in search for how to define the new outline of the possible by offering an argument on the relationship between the mobility and its exclusionary counterparts.

Toward emphasizing “new modes of social and political agency, new possible subjectivities and articulations that emerge”, the question poses itself as: “how does the sovereign condition the possibilities of mobility and structure resistance to the sovereign and make not only possible but necessary putting one’s self into this state” with bringing the temporalities and ‘positionalities’ onto surface?

To this extent, the critical exploration sets out an interruption of the typical structure and heterogeneous layers to trace ‘different points of emergence’ that maintain and generate the ‘art of governance’ into the production and parameters of new forms of life to establish in demoting them to some other place of existence afar taking a step to the right.

Image: Songül Boyraz

Opening sept 8th, 2009

Open Space
Zentrum für Kunstprojekte
Lassingleithnerplatz 2 A - 1020 Wien

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