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Atla(s)now project
dal 1/3/2012 al 1/3/2012

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Angelo Bellobono

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Atla(s)now project

Ecole Superieure des Arts Visuels - Esav, Marrakech

The first exhibition project.

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The project, devised by Angelo Bellobono in collaboration with Aniko E. M. Boehler / morocco experience & projects and Alessandro Facente through a residential program Atla(s)now entails a series of experimental artistic-didactic-training activities to support environmental education and the development of a sustainable local micro-economy on the basis of Angelo Bellobono's artistic work and his knowledge as a ski coach. The residential program was inaugurated in January/February 2012 with the students from the ESAV and had the task of promoting project aims and objectives, including setting up of a ngo operated ski club & equipment rental for local children and the re-enforcing the capacities of the local ski instructors. It features video, photography, paintings, design, graphic material, land art, environmental installations, made in part using refuse collected and traditional material revisited with contemporary approach. The first exhibition opens during the Marrakech Biennale 2012 part of the Official Parallel Projects.

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