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Agnes Meyer-Brandis
dal 31/5/2010 al 31/5/2010
6 p.m.

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Agnes Meyer-Brandis

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Agnes Meyer-Brandis

Kunsthalle Sankt Gallen, St. Gallen

Making Clouds - On the Absence of Weight. A contemporary Wanderkino and a mixture of film, performance and lecture

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A contemporary Wanderkino "Making Clouds - On the Absence of Weight" by Agnes Meyer-Brandis. The mixture of film, performance and lecture is based on an artistic project under the condition of weightlessness, entitled "Cloud-Core-Scanner". The experiment was conducted during a microgravity generating flight manoeuvre, that is usually restricted to scientific interests and was executed in collaboration with the DLR (German Aerospace Centre). Agnes Meyer-Brandis' art is scientific and poetic at the same time: The mineralogist and sculptor (* 1973) made meteorits fall down in Russia and flew with the moongeese to the moon. Her work operates at the interface between art and science and deals with the fantastic and partly also incomprehensible aspects of science. The event is organized in collaboration with Migros-Kulturprozent.

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