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Cake at White Box

WhiteBox Art Center, New York

Book launch with the curator Manuela De Leonardis the artists Jack Sal and Susan Harbage Page.

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We invite you Friday September 6, 2013 at 5:30 pm at White Box - 329 Broome Street - New York for the presentation of Cake. The dessert cultures between Arabic and Western traditions (Postcart Editions, 2013) as part of the VIP preview of the exhibition Beyond the Cloth. The Kafiye Project curated by Hala A. Malak.

Will be present with the curator Manuela De Leonardis the artists Jack Sal and Susan Harbage Page.

Cake is a book of art and cooking that contains a dialogue between recipes and the works of nineteen international artists - Hassan Al-Meer, Paolo Angelosanto, Yto Barrada, Beatrice Catanzaro, Maimuna Feroze-Nana, Parastou Forouhar, Maïmouna Patrizia Guerresi, Susan Harbage Page, Reiko Hiramatsu, Uttam Kumar Karmaker, Silvia Levenson, Loredana Longo, MAD_Angela Ferrara e Dino Lorusso, Şükran Moral, Ketna Patel, Pushpamala N, Anton Roca, Jack Sal, Larissa Sansour - who have interpreted its content.

Cake is a non-profit project in support of BAIT AL KARAMA. All the artists, authors of texts, graphic design, sponsors and media partners have donated their efforts to the project with the aim to support Bait al Karama Women Centre, the first Palestinian Cooking School (Palestinian Slow Food Convivium in Palestine) founded with the collaboration of Fatima Khaddoumi (responsible for the Women Affairs of Old City Charity of Nablus), Beatrice Catanzaro (artist) and Cristiana Bottigella (cultural manager). Promoters Marimo – brandlife designers and M.Th.I. Music Theatre International; Sponsor: LuBo Fund, Atlanta; Piece of Cake Inc, Atlanta; Panella – L’Arte del Pane, Roma; Cantine Menhir – Minervino (Lecce). Organizing partners: Cerealia, Roma; Doozo, Roma; OltreDimore, Bologna; White Box, New York. Media partner: art a part of cult(ure); Diafa/ Nur Edizioni.

ISBN 978-88-98391-08-0
Postcart / May 2013

White Box
329 Broome Street - New York, NY 10002

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dal 27/5/2014 al 14/6/2014

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