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Pont Alexandre III, Paris

Slick returns in 2013 on the Banks of the Seine, 50m for the Grand Palais. The fair aims to bring together the vitality of younger galleries with that of more established galleries, working both with recognized artists and tomorrow's high-potentials. Slick will welcome 50 galleries and 10 SLICK Projects.

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For its 8th edition, the SLICK Paris is setting up its fair by the River Seine, directly beside Alexandre III Bridge and only a few steps away from the FIAC, located at the Grand Pa lais. The proximity to the FIAC will allow art lovers to easily stroll between these two comple mentary fairs, while granting SLICK a unique new Parisian location: 17,000 visitors are expected to visit the fair on the banks of the River Seine.


Since its launch in 2006, SLICK has been seeking out talent in the international art scene in order to discover and reveal emerging and ambitious galleries less than fifteen years old and with artistic rigor. The fair is a springboard towards important fairs such as the FIAC, offering quality visibility to artists and their galleries during the Parisian contemporary art week. For the past two years, these young galleries have been presented side by side with more established galleries, which also represent emerging artists among their roster. By bringing together these two generations of galleries and artists, SLICK aims to reveal all of the vitality of the international contemporary art scene, in an atmosphere that pro motes exchanges and new discoveries.


SLICK continues to put forward a selective group of 36 galleries , as well as 13 SLICK Projects produced especially for the fair by an artist and his gallery . 60% of the selected galleries are French, in order to put forward the national art scene, while 40% came primarily from the rest of Europe. As was the case last year for SLICK Brussels in April, SLICK Projects are presented di rectly within the stands, creating a dynamic and airy scenography.


In April 2013, SLICK launched the Collectors’ Prize in order to recognize the creativity, originality and professionalism of an artist presenting a SLICK Project. These large-scale works, made up of installations, videos, photography series, drawings or sculptures, are created be the artist and produced by the representing gallery especially for SLICK, in a special preview of the work. Last April, the Prize was awarded to Fred Penelle & Yannick Jacquet represented by the LKFF Art & Sculpture Projects gallery. The members of the jury linving in Belgium, inclu ded Frédéric de Goldschmidt, Galila Barzilai-Hollander, Alain Servais, Agnès Rein and Hubert Bonnet. The artist duo has been invited to present a new project at SLICK Paris in October 2013. The second edition of the Collectors’ Prize will take place on Saturday October 26, 2013, bringing together the following members of the jury living in France: Pierre Hardy, Christo phe, Joanna Chevalier, Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres, Sandra Mulliez, and Jean-Pierre Marois. The awardee will be invited to present a new project at SLICK Brussels in April 2014.


There are some commonalities between those galleries that have been selected to participate in SLICK Paris 2013. Most of them have chosen to focus on one theme, format or geographic area. Geographic Focus Certain galleries are focused on a specific geographic area, such as Emerge Gallery (Pa ris), which presents artists from the Arab world, including Ahmed Mater and Farid Kam boh; or gallery Paris-Beijing (Paris), which focuses on China and Korea with a project by Unzi Kim and photographs by Liu Bolin; as well as Revue Noire (Paris) which showcases African contemporary artists; or even Uprising Art Galley (Saint-Martin), which will exhibit four Cuban artists including Liudmila & Nelson and Glenda León. Medium Specific Among the galleries that will be focusing on a specific format, the Binôme gallery (Paris) will be presenting photography by Thibault Brunet and Fabien de Chavanes, most no tably; Les Douches la Galerie (Paris) will be showcasing photographs that were recently discovered, such as those of Vivian Maier in the 1950s; the Charlot gallery (Paris) spe cializes in digital art with the artists Antoine Schmitt and Eric Verhnes; Island6 (Shanghai / Hong kong) will present interactive works by the Liu Dao collective; and finally, Céline Moine gallery (France) will showcase paintings by Antoine Bono and Thomas Henriot.

Thematic Exhibitions

A selection of galleries will be presenting thematic exhibitions around the theme of accumulation and in an installation by the Vincenz Sala gallery (Paris / Berlin); another theme is based on architecture and the relation to space for Van Der Grinten Galerie (Cologne); on repetition and inscription for Petits Carreaux gallery (Paris); or even street art for Wunderkammern gallery (Rome), geometric abstraction for Oniris gallery (Rennes). Artists Multiples Four participants in this year’s fair are galleries that produces and exhibits contemporary artist multiples. Ber nard Chauveau Editeur and Le Néant Editeur (Paris) will be sharing a stand in order to showcase emerging artists such as Claire Trotignon, besides more established artists such as Peter Downsbrough and Shilpa Gupta. The Galerie Djeziri-Bonn_Linard Editions (Paris) will presents editions by Gerhard Doehler and John Armeleder.

Brand New & Back Again

Because SLICK has the reputation for scouting out new talent and acting as a springboard towards other fairs, each year the fair reinvents itself with a new selection. More than a third of the galleries that have been selected thus far will be exhibiting for the first time at SLICK , including Galerie Céline Moine (France), Galerie Djeziri-Bonn_Linard Editions (Paris), Galerie Réjane Louin (Locquirec), Island6 (Shanghai / Hong kong) , Zidoun Gallery (Luxembourg), Galerie Oniris (Rennes), Uprising Art Gallery (Saint-Martin), Wunderkammern (Rome), A B Contemporary (Zürich), JBC1 (Saint-Ouen), Galerie Perception Park (Paris), Michael Petronko Gallery (New-York), Galerie Laure Roynette (Paris) and Un-Spaced (Paris). Several galleries have decided to return, pleased with previous editions of SLICK and the fair’s visitors. These galleries include Claire Gastaud (Paris), Laurent Mueller (Paris), UNA gallery (Limoges), The Flat - Mas simo Carasi (Milan), Vidal-Saint Phalle gallery (Paris), duboisfriedland (Bruxelles), Patrick Heide (Londres), Angélique de Leusse (Bruxelles), Van Der Grinten Galerie (Cologne) and Galerie Cédric Bacqueville (Lille).

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