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China - France

Pavilion Champs-Elysees, Paris

28 Chinese artists / 14 French artists. This project shows 3 generations of distinguished central figures much esteemed by the public and highly rated on the asiatic art market. During the exhibition's 8 nights, design-oriented fashion and charity gala will be organized.

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Curators: FAN Di’an and Alin AVILA. Coordination by DENG Xihong

ChiFra #1 launches a series of international exhibitions the first of which will take place in Paris in front of the Grand Palais during the FIAC.

This ambitious project is the result of the initiative of a Chinese collector and patron of the arts, DENG Xihong, who was impelled by the desire to show three generations of distinguished Chinese artists whom she felt deserved to have the same aura in the Occident as other stars of contemporary art promoted by the media. The artists she defends, trained in the techniques of pictural art, are central figures in the Chinese cultural panorama, much esteemed by the public and highly rated on the asiatic art market.


BAI Ming, CHAO Ge, DU Fangxiao, DUAN Zhengqu, FEI Zheng, GUANG Jun, GUO Runwen, HAO Qiang, HONG Ling, JIA Juanli, LI Dongxia, LI Lei, LI Xiangming, LIN Mao, LUO Ling, SUN Jiabo, TAN Ping, TIAN Haipeng, WANG Keju, WANG Wenming, WANG Yishi, WU Yang, XU Ze, XU Zhong'ou, YAN Ping, YANG Feiyun, YANG Yongsheng and YUAN Zhengyang.

Pat ANDREA, Rémy ARON, Jean CARDOT, Pierre CARRON, Erik DESMAZIERES, Philippe GAREL, Abraham HADAD, Christine JEAN, Natalie MIEL, Zwy MILSHTEIN, Moreno PINCAS, Serge PLAGNOL, Marie RAUZY and Vladimir VELICKOVIC.

In order to meet the upcoming 50th anniversary of Sino-French diplomatic relations, promote Sino-French artistic exchanges, and promote to build China's cultural arts into the world ,Center of International Cultural Exchange,Ministry of Culture of China join the French Sofia Foundation

to select Chinese and French oil Painting / sculpture / printmaking of more than 40 artists over 100 pieces of classic works over the past 30 years to be exhibited on 23-30 October 2013, during the French International contemporary Art Fair (FIAC) on the Champs Elysees in Paris, the center of the lot , nearly 2,000 square meters of exhibition hall, in the form of united exhibitions to show the collectors and art lovers from around the world classic works of Chinese and French artists.

Hope that through this in the context of globalization and through the dialogue of Chinese and French artists to explore the art of painting as the most direct expression of the universal language of the soul of the world of possibilities, to show the world of today's artists is great art with its own traditions, toward the pursuit of their own personality. Their dedication and real emotions lead us toward the pure realm of sight, which transcend cultural boundaries and artistic exchanges will allow people of different countries closer to each other.

The artistic exchanges between China and France have never been interrupted throughout history. They have become more frequent during the thirty years since China opened its door to the outside world. Many achievements have been gained during these interactions. It can be said that today’s Sino-France artistic exchanges no longer remain at the cultural horizon and imagination from a long distance, but gain a close-range cultural gaze and appreciation between people in these two countries and therefore enhance the communications in their hearts.

The exchanges of visual arts require not only the historical perspective of collections in museums, but also the direct dialogue with the works of contemporary artists. There is no doubt that through the works of contemporary artists we can acquire vivid information, learn concurrent art, and learn the relations between today’s art and reality. Under the cultural circumstances of globalization, Chinese and French artists have been faced with stern challenges. The questions that the artists of both countries think, feel and express are our common concerns. ChiFra, from a unique perspective, aims to make the contemporary art of these two countries meet in the same space to reflect each other and to conduct direct dialogue so as to open a new window for artistic communications in these two countries. All these will make the audience gain a brand new experience.

For Chinese contemporary art, the reality of Chinese society under violent reform provides artists rich resources for artistic creation. Artists experience transformations of the outer world and real life. They create images of the world from their spiritual base, endeavor to make their art a bridge between self-spirit and the outside world, and express feelings in their own language. If we say that art is a mirror of nature in a traditional sense, nowadays it becomes a mirror of society and heart.

The diversity of Chinese contemporary art shows us a vital China. As for the artistic style, Chinese artists have broken away from dependence on foreign art and self-consciously explored their own personality. In this exhibition, we find out that traditional painting media is not an outdated language for Chinese artists. The artists have explored many possibilities to express their minds through painting which is a direct and simple artistic language and through this, a path to the deep side of the spiritual world. Furthermore, the great tradition of Chinese art provides a strong support to these artists.

When the world is full of noise and people’s spirits become puzzled, the dedication and true feelings devoted to art bring our gaze to a pure spiritual world, and the artistic exchanges can cross cultural boundaries and make people feel closer to each other.

This exhibition is coordinated by FAN Dian, director of the NAMOC in Beijing (National Art Museum of China). It has received the endorsement of the Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China.

In organizing this exhibition DENG Xihong wished to show the decisive role occupied by France in international culture in the 20th century.


DENG Xihong, patron of the arts, coordination

Rémy ARON, president of the association ChiFra Paris, artist

FAN Dian, curator for the Chinese selection, Director of NAMOC (National Art Museum of China)

Alin AVILA, curator for the French selection, art critic and independant curator

During the exhibition's eight nights, design-oriented fashion and charity gala will be organized by Chinese fashion designers.

Pavilion on the Champs-Élysées Avenue
avenue Champs-Élysées Avenue from the place Clemenceau to the place de la Concorde Paris
Every day 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Art Elysees and Design Elysees
dal 21/10/2014 al 26/10/2014

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