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Two events
dal 7/9/2005 al 27/11/2005
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Julie Mehretu

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Two events

Saint Louis Art Museum, St. Louis

Artist's Lecture and Exhibition Preview

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Artist's Lecture and Exhibition Preview
Thursday, September 8, 7:00 pm

Currents 95: Julie Mehretu
September 9 – November 27, 2005

Currents 95: Julie Mehretu comprises four canvases completed in 2005. In each of these paintings, the artist conjures a maelstrom of images which map a condition of barely controlled chaos. Three of the paintings – Alter, Citadel, and Black City – are based on historical and contemporary architectural plans for fortresses, while a fourth – Arcade – is a kaleidoscope of drawings for mercantile architecture. These works can be understood as Mehretu’s quest for perspective on the relationships between militarism and consumerism and also as meditations on the symbolic properties of architecture. The artist is particularly interested in the “multifaceted layers of place, space, and time that impact the formation of personal and communal identity.” Mehretu’s mapping of built environments from far-flung locations and time periods reflects the complex geopolitical situation of the early 21st century.

Currents 95: Julie Mehretu is part of a series of exhibitions featuring the work of contemporary artists at the Saint Louis Art Museum. The exhibition is curated by Robin Clark, associate curator of contemporary art, and is on view September 9 through November 27.

Iamge: ‘Alter’, 2005; ink and acrylic on canvas; 3 x 4 feet; Courtesy carlier | gebauer; Photograph by Sarah Rentz

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